1. Boiling Frog

    Petition - Jailed for a telling a bad joke on facebook, Justin Carter is now on SUICIDE WATCH!

    I found this in my email, and thought I would post it here, it might save a life: You can sign it here: Help: The teen who's in jail for Facebook comments is now on SUICIDE WATCH
  2. R

    Archbishop of Canterbury insulted over gay marriage

    Protestant clergy, Rev. Marcus Ramshaw 42 of York, called his superior Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, “W****r” and demanded the later should resign from being head of Church of England. Ramshaw wrote on Facebook. “Whar really upsets me is nasty people such as justin welby robbing me of...
  3. funbunz29

    Will Justin Bieber Make a Surprise Appearance on 'Saturday Night Live?'

    Those folks in Studio 8H are really outdoing themselves. Last week 'Saturday Night Live' had a "surprise" visit from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and now there are rumors of a Justin Bieber appearance on this Saturday's show! Reuters reports that the 16-year-old wunderkind is scheduled to...
  4. funbunz29

    Justin Bieber Returns to 'CSI' in February

    Beliebers and unsuspecting 'CSI' fans alike, get ready for Justin Bieber's triumphant return to primetime! TV Line reports that the pint-sized pop star is set to reprise his role as Jason, a troubled teen whose brother was eventually killed by the CSIs. Smart move, CBS. This stunt casting is...