1. Lionnessalone

    [Confused!] Sleeping trance or Warning for a storm to come. (Rattlesnake bites)

    Sometimes when I am starting to drift off to sleep I go into a trance, I was laying here and I was staring at the floor, the more I let go of my mind and thoughts the closer the floor got in my minds eye. I finally dozed but the one thing I hate the most is a nightmare I cannot understand or...
  2. Truth Vibrations

    If slaughter houses had glass wall"s, everyone would be a vegetarian.

    Brutality is part of nature, its encoded in to the matrix of the world. I do not believe people would be vegetarian after watching this. I knew a group of guys who worked at a slaughterhouse and they where the biggest meat eaters I even knew. I was told all the horror stories of their daily...
  3. Denise

    The Cause of All Diseases

    I already knew this, I just wanted to share it!

    How to Read Ezra Pound

    How to Read Ezra Pound At the poets' panel, after an hour of poets debating Ezra Pound, Abe the Lincoln veteran, remembering the Spanish Civil War, raised his hand and said: If I knew that a fascist was a great poet, I'd shoot him anyway.
  5. P

    Encountering ghosts

    I found out that an acquaintance of mine had committed suicide. I didn't know him very well, but the next day I felt his presence in my house. Have you guys ever encountered something like that? I don't know why he would be there to see me, but I definitely knew that it was him.

    My Daughter’s Body

    If you saw her, you would think she was beautiful. Strangers stop me on the street to say it. If they talk to her they see that this beauty Means nothing. Their sight shifts to pigeons On the sidewalk. Their eye contact becomes As poor as hers. They slip away slowly, With varying degrees of...

    Exit Ovidian

    You'd lost your place before but never so committedly. All that time you almost knew what you were saying wasn't what you meant. Not that now some artithematic or shift to the left a couple definitions will ever be enough to make your message clear to yourself or anyone else, no matter the...