1. 100th Monkey

    How to Turn a Aluminum Drink Can into a Stove, with a Knife

    You never know if this will come in handy. How to make a stove with nothing but a drink can and a knife. The stove runs on rubbing alcohol, the kind you can by at your local pharmacy.
  2. Unhypnotized

    TV Presenter Warned By Police ? Carrying Knife In Own Home Is Illegal

    Press Association Monday , January 11th, 2010 Myleene Klass was said to be “aghast” and “bemused” after being warned by police for waving a knife at youths who entered her garden. The TV star and Marks & Spencer model was in the kitchen with her daughter upstairs when she spotted the...

    Survival - Blades And Knives

    New Bear Grylls Knife The new Bear Grylls knife of choice has been officially announced on the Bayley Knives website. Many Survival Topics readers know Grylls from the shows Man verses Wild and Born Survivor Bear Grylls on television and I thank you for pointing out this new version. An...