1. Truth Vibrations

    Privatized UFO Knowledge & The Grand Distraction of the New Age Movement

    Link: Richard Dolan - Hour 1 - Privatized UFO Knowledge & The Grand Distraction of the New Age Movement June 9, 2014
  2. New UFO Hunter

    Ancient Aliens S06E14: The Star Children

  3. 100th Monkey

    Australia’s Stonehenge

    This article is an intriguing look directly into Australian ancient cultural past: More:
  4. S

    Great Waves of Change and Steps to Knowledge

    Hello, Everyone, I would like to contribute to this enlightening forum with a New Message for our unprecedented times of great change. In The Great Waves of Change, Marshall Vian Summers explains the steps you can take to navigate our increasingly turbulent and uncertain times. In the face of...
  5. Truth Vibrations

    Ancient Aliens: Alien Operations

    Source: Ancient Aliens: Alien Operations Full Episode - Ancient Aliens - H2 on
  6. highlander

    Hello Lovely People!

    Hello fellow truth seekers, thank you for making me feel welcome to your forum. I look forward to learning and sharing knowledge and hope to be able to evolve further as an eternal spiritual being. blessings to one and all Russ
  7. Boiling Frog

    Susan Lindauer On Advanced Knowledge of 911

    I found this article on the the Daily sheeple website. Thought Id share this summary by Greg Bacon on Susan Lindauer. - See more at: Video: Susan Lindauer On Advanced Knowledge of 911 | The Daily Sheeple
  8. Truth Vibrations

    Ancient Knowledge full movie - Good for newer members to get an idea of Ancient Knowledge

    I have not watch this yet, but will comment after i do. Comments for YouTube:
  9. 100th Monkey

    Martial Law in the next 2 or 3 months in US?

    Posted Dec 30th, 2012 A North Carolina police lieutenant explains to Pastor Butch Paugh his first hand knowledge of upcoming training exercises designed against American citizens. Source: http://activist-post-forum.947009.n3...td4025677.html
  10. R

    Hello Friends....

    A big hello to all the members of this community. I am new to this forum family, I have come here to share my knowledge and also gain some knowledge. Hope to see you around. I wish for a long stay in this forum.
  11. R


    Hello. I am Roman Smith. I am from London. I have completed my studies. I am here to gain and share some knowledge.
  12. Denise

    Heart Disease was created - Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride

    Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride explains the way a genicide has been produced as a result of fake knowledge pertaining to our diet and nutrition. Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride website is here:
  13. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke - Essential Knowledge For An Occupy Protestor

    How not to be scammed by those you are protesting against.
  14. CASPER


    Where the Tigris and Euphrates meet is the Tree cemented in concrete. The fruit all picked and eaten, the bald branches broken. Where the Tigris and the Euphrates meet the holy road, once filled with date palms and wild geraniums wandering every bush, is smothered with bombed-out bridges and...