1. R

    Muslim Clerics learn Zionist Holocaust Narrative

    Zionist leaders are in panic knowing that more and more people are questioning their Holocaust narrative (six million Jews killed by Nazis). They intend to blame Muslim leaders like Presidents Dr. Ahmadinejad of Iran and Dr. Morsi of Egypt, for the delegitimization of Holocaust. Vitor Thorn...
  2. ascendingson

    Thank you my family, blessings to you all

    As we may have all come to know, it is not by random chance we meet. I am here to listen as learn, I look forward to exchanging the word with all who Love the path that sets Us free.
  3. C

    Cyclic quads

    Ignorance is sad. :( I'm betting that not A SINGLE ONE OF YOU knows what a cyclic quadrilateral is without googling it. That is terrible. Stop believing in false conspiracies, and learn about the beauty of the universe. All these are equivalent: ABCD is cyclic <ABC+<CDA=180 <BCD+<DAB=180...
  4. Desiree


    Hello all I stumbled here by chance, was looking up WW2 Tsunami bomb on google, and I liked what I see here I am still green and need to learn how to work here but it all seems straightforward I am looking forward to get to know you all and hopefully learn and contribute Love and Peace
  5. R

    [Inspiring] New here!!!

    :cupcake:Beautiful day today and just dropping in to say hello to you all.Looking forward to getting to know you all and we can learn alot from each other here,don't you think???:eagerness:
  6. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke - Do You REALLY Want to Know This??

    "The Elite manipulate this world into a state of hell. The masses sustain it. Change starts with the individual. F**k being negative, be positive. If you find yourself in a bad place, learn from it, laugh to yourself, it's just a ride, an experience nothing more. orderoutofchaos621 1 week ago 12 "
  7. funbunz29

    [Wow!] hello all!

    sorry wizzard i couldn't reply to u yet waiting for u to accept me first. ty everyone for having me on the forum site i will try my best from my teachers it will take me a while but willing to learn. have a nice day! : D funbunz
  8. day

    Earthquake Hazards Program

    Earthquake Notification Service http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ -Report an Earthquake -Maps Depicting intensity -Recent Earthquakes -Earthquake News Find a regional office for your area (US) Learn about earthquakes http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/aboutmaps.php Volcano Status Map shows...

    Learn Basic Skills

    L - Live by Your Wits, But for Now, Learn Basic Skills Without training in basic skills for surviving and evading on the battlefield, your chances of living through a combat, survival and/or evasion situation are slight. Learn these basic skills now — not when you are headed for or are in the...
  10. CASPER


    I - Improvise In the United States, we have items available for all our needs. Many of these items are cheap to replace when damaged. Our easy come, easy go, easy-to-replace culture makes it unnecessary for us to improvise. This inexperience in improvisation can be an enemy in a survival...
  11. day

    Soul Connection Network

    if you love visionary art and music and would like to learn more about the new and wonderful energies coming into our world visit The Soul Connection Network|Welcome! The Creator of this website is a true visionary and has built a beautiful website that will strengthen the wings of your heart...