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    Suleiman: ‘Israel behind Beirut bombing’

    On Friday, Lebanese Christian President Michel Suleiman blamed the Zionist regime for the deadly car bombing in the Southern suburb of Beirut on August 15, which killed 21 and injured more than 250 people. “This a criminal act that bears the fingerprints of terrorism and Israel, and is aimed to...
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    Hizbullah goes offensive

    Hizbullah, as part of Shia Amal, began as a welfare organisation in the 1980s. During the Israeli occupation and Lebanon civil war, Hizbullah established an armed resistance wing. After it forced the Jewish occupation force and its Lebanese Christian militant proxy to withdraw from South Lebanon...
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    Hariri accuses Israel for Beirut suburb bombing

    Lebanon’s former prime minister Sa’ad Hariri has blamed the Zionist regime for the “terrorist explosion” that rocked Shia enclave south of Beirut. He also accused the Zionist regime of trying to provoke Sunni-Shia strife in Lebanon, reported the pro-Hariri newspaper Daily Star on July 9, 2013...
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    ADL: ‘EU must blacklist Hizbullah’

    In January 2013, British prime minister, David Cameron (with Jewish family roots) urged members of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) to “make a noise” and lead a grassroots campaign calling for the EU to take action against Lebanon’s Islamic Resistance Hizbollah. So, on June 16, 2013, Abraham...
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    Israel tries to blackmail Assad

    The Zionist regime is very affraid of a military retalition from Syria or Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah in response to Israel’s two unprovoked airstrikes over Damascus early this month. The Zionist regime has called upon its American Hasbara media to blackmail its adversaries in Syria...
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    Obama’s Jewish envoy in Lebanon on ‘Israeli bidding’

    President Barack Hussein Obama’s special adviser for the Muslim-majority Middle East, Gulf region and North Africa – Philip Gordon, a pro-Israel radical Zionist Jew is in Lebanon to meddle in June 16 parliamentary election. On Tuesday, Gordon met Lebanon’s Christian President Michel Sleiman...