1. Truth Vibrations

    Kevin Galalae's open letter to Canadian Parliament

    Great letter but is anyone listening? Read more here: Letter To Canada's Members Of Parliament | TheSleuthJournal
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Stop watching us: NSA

    Source: https://www.stopwatching.us/?r=eff Above is a letter to congress concerning NSAs activities, you can sign it and send on line.
  3. 2

    [Update!] What's going on right now

    Well as many of you know the rotten year my friend and I have had, we've been heaped upon again. I don't understand what either of us doing to deserve so much heaping. I'll explain. Many of you know about my friends stay in the hospital and rehab for physical therapy affter a fractured wrist...
  4. 100th Monkey

    Einsten's letter about God

    I thought maybe you may like this! Dubbed Einstein’s “God Letter” by the Los Angeles-based auction agency that's posting it online, the original document will be up for grabs starting Monday. The opening bid: $3 million. The letter provides a window into the famed genius's religious...
  5. Denise

    Goldman Sachs Executive's open resignation letter

    It makes me ill how people talk about ripping clients off': Goldman Sachs executive quits over firm's 'toxic' culture in extraordinary resignation letter Executive director Greg Smith quits in open letter in the New York Times Firm 'more interested in making money than the clients'...
  6. Lady of Light

    An Open Letter To All Mankind

  7. A

    Hello (moved by Wizz)

    Hello, I am a new member of this site and am very interested in accessing the monies generated by my b/c bond. Have you done this personally? Are you a freeman on the land? Who do we have to send this to? Would we send this to our MP, wait thirty days, draft a second letter and send it...