The Address Book

    The Address Book When it came to the deaths of friends, my mother's practice was to x out their names in her address book. I draw one diagonal slash, as if the name, address, phone numbers all were a mistake; then in the lower right, an afterthought or postscript or correction: one last date...

    He Lived in a Time of Weather

    He Lived in a Time of Weather Horse with green jaw two berry eyes drink yellow creek kleh, kleh, he neigh. His teeth a snarl of bailing wire. He has a house in the village, a rusted car for a trough. The red wind his neighbor. All day, tumbleweed drive speed limit. If he had arms he...

    Researchers find fossils of new type of European camel

    Spanish researchers said Monday they have discovered evidence of a previously unknown type of camel which lived in Europe six million years ago. The team from the University of La Rioja found 191 fossilised footprints belonging to a group of between 10 and 15 individuals at a site in the...