1. Truth Vibrations

    YouTube is taking away ALL Video Responses forever on 9/12/2013

    This is a loss for many people in the YouTube community.
  2. Denise

    Vitamin D prevents bone loss and fractures in breast cancer patients on aromatase inh

    "Aromatase inhibitor are commonly used in the treatment of breast cancer and are associated with increases in the rate of bone loss and fracture. Supplementation with Vitamin D has now been shown to prevent these effects. The researchers sought to assess the association between Vitamin D...
  3. F

    Future of ECT

    The FDA may tighten restrictions on electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Although it's more humane than it used to be, ECT still can cause memory loss and I think it should be banned outright. I can't post links yet, but the article is in CNN Health.
  4. U

    Loss of Menstruation?

    Its obvious for people to loose too much of there body fat who over exercise. In women such habit cause loss of menstruation and also insomnia. When this habit continue for a long period of time, an women can even become infertile (Amenorrhea)
  5. Unhypnotized

    Soul Catcher: The Strange Deathbed Experiment of Dr MacDougall

    05-24-2010 02:08 AM 'On 10 April 1901, his chance came, and at 5.30pm a man “of the usual American temper*ament” and suffering from tuber*culosis was placed onto the apparatus. He was attended by at least four people, including MacDougall and Dr John Sproull, a sym*pathetic colleague. Like...