1. Jimmy Rocket

    Is it getting HOT here or am I some kind of conspiracy nut?

    Hi all, I'm a SoCal native, raised in Surf City and thankful I won't be watching, "up close and personal", as a debris field the size of Texas merges with the beach I used to call "my own". I wasn't so much formally introduced to this site as I wandered in from "out there". Glad to find a...
  2. Boiling Frog

    Dane Wigington - Geoengineering Activist

    This video has very important info, lots of truths are exposed.
  3. Lady of Light

    Where has the Lady of Light gone?

    Hey everybody. I realize I haven't been interacting too much with everyone lately, but I've been keeping extremely busy. Lots of really great projects on the go. It always starts out with one, then more get added because in order to complete the first one, you need to do the other little ones...
  4. H

    Hi Ya'll From Texas

    Hi everyone, I have know for sometime now that our government is evil and found this site though erosthemovie video. I like the ideal that we are not helpless and can make a difference. Hope to meet lots of people with the same interest here and make some new friends.
  5. New UFO Hunter

    This is the best of the whole story of UFO investigation that we have today

    Lots of good info here:
  6. New UFO Hunter

    The UFO Compilation of Taranto - Italy (January 2011)

    Lots of lights:

    Spider Webs in the Garden?

    Here’s a video I found of someone with similar complaints that this was after a day of lots of chemtrails. Chemtrails over Miami

    The Moon at Day

    Testing out the zoom on my new camera, it's only 10x optical, but goes up to 150x digital, lots of quality loss though. The moon was out most of the day today.