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    Archbishop of Canterbury insulted over gay marriage

    Protestant clergy, Rev. Marcus Ramshaw 42 of York, called his superior Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, “W****r” and demanded the later should resign from being head of Church of England. Ramshaw wrote on Facebook. “Whar really upsets me is nasty people such as justin welby robbing me of...
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    The French “antisemites” against same-sex marriage

    On March 2, 2013, The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel lobby group, Anti-Defamation League (ADL), formed a coalition of religious and Zionist organizations in support of same-sex marriage. In May 2008, after the California Supreme Court’s decision to legalize the same-sex marriage, the ADL...
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    Marriage is not fun?

    What do you think about misery and pain caused by bad marriages and divorce? Do you think a psychological exam is necessary prior to a marriage to check the eligibility of a particular person?