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    Mira Nair: Indian filmaker boycotts Israel film festival

    Mira Nair, Indian actress, director and filmaker, has turned down an invitation to be guest of honor at Haifa Film Festival for her support for the Palestinians. She posted a series of messages on her Twitter page that she would not visit Israel until “Apartheid is over”. (The photo on left...
  2. New UFO Hunter

    ET... Got milk? Photo and footage

    A woman in Argentina captures film of a UFO abducting a cow. Don't buy it? Maybe it's an unconscious cow, headed for Chile? Mira Mira! Una vaca volando! http://www.rosario3.com/noticias/ens...px?idNot=58593 Can't embed the video, didn't see a link to do it. Yes, I suppose it does help to...