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  1. Unhypnotized

    Red Ice Radio- Barbara Hand Clow discusses the Mayan Calendar, wars, religion, archons and more

    Barbara Hand Clow - 9th Underworld Cycle of the Mayan Calendar March 31, 2011 Author and astrologer Barbara Hand Clow is back on the program to discuss the transition into the 9th, and last underworld cycle of the Mayan Calendar, before it comes to an end. What is to come and what can we expect...
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    Banned From The Bible

    Banned From The Bible Aria Invictus :coffee:
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    The Lost Gospels

    The Lost Gospels, presented by Anglican priest Pete Owen Jones, is a fascinating exploration into the huge number of ancient Christian texts that didn't make it into the New Testament. Shocking and challenging, these were works in that presented a Jesus who didn't die, who took revenge on his...