Barking dogs can land owner in jail

    If you live in Italy and if the barking of your dogs keeps the neighbors up at night, it's you who might wind up caged -- in a jail cell. The top appeals court sentenced four people in Sicily to two months in jail because they refused to keep their 10 dogs quiet at night despite complaints from...
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    Casket found in hoarder's home

    -- A huge pile of items, including a casket, was pulled out of a Des Moines home on Friday. Neighbors describe a family being evicted from their home as hoarders. The house is being cleaned out at 1702 Arlington Ave. The street is lined with boxes, plastic storage containers, a mattress, a TV...
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    Sisters jump into traffic, 1 dies

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Neighbors are raising questions over the safety of a busy east Orange County road after two sisters were hit by cars on Alafaya trail, just days before Christmas. One sister was killed. The other is in critical condition. They were hit Thursday night on Alafaya trail at...