1. Denise

    Comet Elenin presently observable from Australia

    Only just noticed the following...decided I'd share!
  2. New UFO Hunter

    Peekabooo! Where are you? I see something Grey...

    Artificial or Real - I offer this video and that means you all can share your opinions about it! July 17, 2003, Stan Romanek thought there was a problem with a Peeping Tom. This went on for months, until a researcher involved with his case suggested that the next time he suspected anything...


    Moles Constellations Archipelagos The heads of swimming animals Umlauts Ellipses Dust upon a table Speckles on a shell Time leaves its mark so quietly I hardly noticed Until this morning There, above my lip

    I Pass the Arctic Circle

    A man on the train points out the cairn on the mountain. We're passing the Arctic Circle, he says. At first we don't see any difference, to the north the land looks the same, but we know where we're headed. I wouldn't have noticed this little event if I hadn't, one of these days, passed seventy.