1. Unhypnotize

    What Programs have You Studied?

    I wonder what good spiritual, psychic and OBE programs... have you studied?
  2. Dax214

    Always An ET Boy

    This post is dedicated to anyone who has experienced anything similar and who has been afraid to talk about their experiences. It is never easy to talk about such a controversial topic and in many cases you will be told you're crazy or it's all in your mind. Tonight I talk about some of my...
  3. Lady of Light

    The Heavens Are Full Of Planets - We Just Can't See Them With Our Current Perceptions (OBE)

    Because this took place during a sleep period, even though I would classify it as out-of-body, I am putting it under the dream section. A few months ago, I went on a trip to another frequency, out of body, but here on earth in the usual places. What I saw was amazing, to say the least. There...
  4. Denise

    Australians Told to Inject Your Children or Lose Money

    "THE Federal Government will withhold more than $2100 in tax benefits for families who refuse to vaccinate their children. The move is a drive by the Gillard Government to boost vaccination rates, with one in 10 Australian children not immunised. It comes as part of a major shake-up of the...
  5. R

    Why do some claim that meditation opens the mind to demonic influences?

    I have seen a few claims here and on other forums that if you meditate or get hypnosis, then the door is open for demons to come in. However, I cannot find a source for this idea. Do you really believe that quieting the mind is dangerous? If so is there a Biblical basis for this? What about our...
  6. R

    Islamic Republic Beyond Israeli Hasbara

    “The most important thing that I can convey about Iran in general – my most memorable reaction in retrospect – is this simple concept: Americans need to ignore anything and everything they hear about modern-day Iran, its leader, its culture, and its people from the mass media in America,”...

    Natural Disasters Leave 173 Dead, Missing in Vietnam in October

    Natural disasters are estimated to have left 173 dead and missing, and 168 injured this month, the General Statistics Office (GSO) said Oct 28. Of the total, Quang Binh province reported the highest human loss of 72, followed by Ha Tinh with 31 and Nghe An 30. The calamities have caused...