1. New UFO Hunter

    Interesting orange energy signature caught on Hawaii webcam

    This is an interesting capture on webcam Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, 15 June, 2012. There's a general rumor/information out there from other researchers such as my friend SeeingUFOsPA that orange UFO's are/were seen in areas related to cattle mutalations & abductions. I'm not sure I would...
  2. Boiling Frog

    Chemtrails Science Cover-Up Explained by Dutch Aerospace Engineer

    CHEMTRAIL SYMPOSION — 29/05/2010 International Symposion The illegal spraying of harmful substances in the atmosphere by airplanes, also known as chemtrails: THE TRUTH The chemtrail symposion was a big succes, thanks, Belfort Group, citizens and Peter! If you missed it? Don't worry, you...
  3. 100th Monkey

    How to make fire with a regular orange fruit

    This video explains how to use an orange to create fire most likely because of the citric acid. You need a rock, a stick, and a regular orange.

    Organ Donors

    When we fixed the grackle's wing and dabbed the grit from his cuts, we found bits of shattered beak in the grass. It was fall, orange foliage brittle—he had tumbled through a rose bush after walloping the glass. That night from his shoebox bed he sang of flowing water and of a flightless...

    The Gift

    The Gift The day my mother dropped a net of oranges on the kitchen table and the net broke and oranges rolled and we snatched them, my brother and I, peeled back the skin and bit deep to make the juice explode with our laughter, and my father spun one orange in his palm and said quietly, "This...