1. New UFO Hunter

    Railroad Found on Mars?

    On thе discovery announced bу Joseph Skipper – a virtual archaeologist whο “conducts excavations” οn οthеr planets, looking fοr anomalies іn images taken frοm satellites. Hе took advantage οf thе Internet resource Google Mars, whісh supplied thе photos fοr a variety οf devices thаt wеrе іn...
  2. New UFO Hunter

    Extreme and Extremely Tilted Kuiper Belt Object

    "This video shows an artistic rendering of the strange contact-binary Kuiper belt object 2001QG298 as seen from earth between 2003 and 2020. It shows how the observing angle and the lightcurve change as the object moves in its orbit along the sun. The black line on the surface of 2001QG298 marks...
  3. New UFO Hunter

    Apollo 10 Coverup?

    Kennedy at 12:49 p.m., EDT, on May 18, 1969. This liftoff marked the fourth manned Apollo launch in the short space of seven months. After the spacecraft completed one and a half revolutions of the Earth, the S-IVB booster stage was reignited to increase the speed of the spacecraft to the...
  4. New UFO Hunter

    Alien Kept Safe But Died, Kept By Peru Family 33 Years

    Date: January 1974 Location: Andean Mountains, Peru In January of 1974 an unidentified flyng object (UFO) fell in the Andean mountains of Peru. The Military authorities denied what had happened, but some people were there before them and took something very valuable.....a HUMANOID(Alien). What...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Earth Size UFOs Orbiting Our Sun And Traveling At Incredible Speed

    Date of sighting: September 15, 2011 Location of sighting: Earth's Sun NASA has yet to address what these UFOs orbiting the sun are or why they are the size of Earth yet move at such high speeds. The objects change position around the sun, orbiting it yet do not burn up, do not glow from heat...
  6. 100th Monkey

    Sumerians and the Anunnaki. Presentation By Zecharia Sitchin

    This is a Presentation by the late and Great Zecharia Sitchin about his over 70 years of reseach. Zecharia Sitchin (July 11, 1920 -- October 9, 2010) was an Azerbaijani-born American author of books promoting an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributes the...

    Scientists to Congress: Keep NASA's Missions to Other Planets Flowing

    WASHINGTON — Even in these tough economic times, investing in planetary science is more important than ever, three science advocates told members of Congress today (Sept. 9). Bill Nye, former host of the television show "Bill Nye the Science Guy" and current executive director of the Planetary...
  8. Denise

    August Message from Inner Earth ~ Dianne Robbins

    "Why did our lifespan shorten after the Firmament was destroyed in the Atlantean and Lemurian war? Greetings, I am Mikos, speaking to you from the Library of Porthologos, inside the Hollow Earth, awaiting your call to begin. So here we are again together as One. One soul and one heart...
  9. Denise

    Elenin is an artificial craft?!?

    I came across this today. Quite intriguing. Richard C. Hoagland Update on Elenin Posted by David Kaye on August 29, 2011 at 12:04pm in Current News/Events View Discussions Important update on Elenin from Richard C. Hoagland Note: there is a disinfo campaign going on to spread the...
  10. New UFO Hunter

    Extraordinary mystery video of enormous UFO shockes on lookers

    Phony or otherwise love him or despise him this is what Michael Cohen explained regarding this video clip: Michael Cohen Very little, if anything, is known about the remarkable UFO footage below. It seems, judging by the commentary, that the UFO was either seen in North America or elsewhere by...
  11. New UFO Hunter

    UFO in Earth orbit. Shooting from Snezhinsk, Russia. August 25, 2011

    Source: The uploader says this UFO flying on this route is not the first time! Prior to that, I just did this video UFO in other parts of the city. These videos you can watch on my channel. My opinion on this object - a UFO - BASE, which is located in a geostationary orbit of the Earth! The...
  12. New UFO Hunter

    Multiple ufo's during during moons orbit on 23 August 2011

    Location of sighting: Viewed from Melbourne, Australia (but UFOs orbiting moon) Date of sighting: August 23, 2011 Eyewitness states: "Filmed this morning in broad daylight. They are all different events. Recorded with a HD webcam connected to a cheap spotting scope." Source: Lunar...
  13. 100th Monkey

    Ours Or Theirs? Enormous Machines In Earth Orbit

    Very interesting:
  14. New UFO Hunter

    Proof Of Real Alien UFO Activity

    Newly discovered top secret NASA video shows an alien UFO following the space shuttle in orbit during a recent mission. NASA refusing to comment on the alien UFO sightings, even ordering astronauts to keep silent. Alien UFO craft following the space shuttle, near misses as the UFO races towards...
  15. Denise

    PPE- Psyops Project Elenin

    Source http://beforeitsnews.com/story/845/1...ct_Elenin.html PPE- Psyops Project Elenin The Psyops Project Elenin: Has been linked to a psychological warfare operation – intended to engage public fear using The Near Earth Orbit Comets Elenin, Levy and Honda (which will pass near Earth in the...
  16. New UFO Hunter

    Secret photos of NASA in 1998 and ufo activity in the sun

    These photos were hidden in the world for several years. Description of how the have emerged in the secret archives. Dimensions of objects during these photographs are unthinkable... They dont look real however i cant find a reason on their behalf being fake UFO activity within the orbit from...
  17. Lady of Light

    Obama: NASA Needs a Technological Breakthrough

    This pratt is lying through is teeth yet again check what he said about Nasa.We all know the air force is running the space programme. Answering a question in a Twitter town hall meeting today, President Obama suggested spaceflight is stuck in the Apollo-era mode and said NASA needs a...
  18. Lady of Light

    Is Elenin Intelligently Controlled?

    "The Project Camelot: Elenin conference provided a number of important insights into Comet Elenin - the most important being its artificiality, the torsion field effects it was exerting, and the possibility that it is some kind of spacecraft." Comet Elenin is an incoming spacecraft or...
  19. New UFO Hunter

    UFOs high in the atmosphere in Earth's orbit

    Watch all of the clouds that are developing a vague and dull color. This object is seen clearly dwelling in the sky. Huge UFO activity in coronal on the Sun and the Sun's surface July 1, 2011
  20. R

    Iran’s monkey in space is a WMD against Israel

    On June 27, 2011 – Hamid Fazeli, head of Iran’s Space Agency (ISA) announced that his agency is planning to send an alive monkey into space onboard country’s domestically-made Kavoshgar 5 (Explorer 5) satellite carrier in July before ISA sent a human into space in 2017. The news has sent shock...