1. New UFO Hunter

    Possible UFO discovered in an old wall painting in Romania

    This is very interesting, what else could it really be? Looks like the ancient Romanians saw UFOs. Source:
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    Still Skeptical? Hopefully a little more open-minded.

    My friend who is a skeptic, (when it comes to things like the paranormal) and is like a mother to me finally had a paranormal experience. It was Thursday and she was watching tv, when she all of sudden saw her Aunt who had just passed this year standing in front of an impressionistic type...

    The Man

    said he had been painting since three or four a.m. and because I did not know whether he was painting a house (I didn't think so but you never know) or painting inside the house as in a studio his own I decided to ask him: and I asked him with some excitement because I secretly hoped he would be...

    Italian researcher: symbols found in 'Mona Lisa'

    ROME – Forget her smile. An Italian researcher says the key to solving the enigmas of "Mona Lisa'" lies in her eyes. Silvano Vinceti claims he has found the letter "S" in the woman's left eye, the letter "L" in her right eye, and the number "72" under the arched bridge in the backdrop of...