1. Denise

    Pregnant woman arrested for not following doctor's orders to take Suboxone

    Honesty was her demise! Just to show you don't own you own body when the State can force medicate you. Source: Fetus 'Personhood' Law results in arrest of pregnant mom
  2. funbunz29

    If I'm Pregnant, Is There a Safe Amount of Alcohol I Can Drink?

    Alcohol is definitely contraindicated in pregnancy. Clearly, a woman who finds out that she's pregnant and had a few drinks before she knew it has not hurt her baby in any way. But she doesn't want to continue drinking throughout the pregnancy, because there's this entity called fetal alcohol...
  3. Unhypnotized

    Troops Face Prison If They Get Pregnant

    Mail Online December 21, 2009 A top US commander is threatening soldiers who fall pregnant on active service with jail. Under the new policy, troops expecting a baby face court martial and a possible prison term – and so do the men who made them pregnant. And the rule applies to married...