1. Truth Vibrations

    Kerry Cassidy interviews Michael Schratt (UFO's - Black Projects) 2013-02-22

    Here are the images to follow through the interview: Link to (ALL) Photo's
  2. New UFO Hunter

    Edgar R Fouche presentation on flying triangles and classified projects

    Here is a good one!

    InnoVida: Continuing Its Efforts to Make a Difference in Haiti

    In the past few months the number and breadth of the projects in Haiti using InnoVida's Fiber Composite Panels (FCPs) has expanded considerably. Innovida Fiber Composite Panels can be found in many types of projects in many different areas of Haiti. In the past few months the number and...
  4. Rumas

    Uniform Patch for Black Projects

    An informative video explaining briefly the badges of black projects and what they mean. Inside the Underworld of Black Projects Video