1. New UFO Hunter

    Mass Sighting of UFOs

    They look like balloons but transformed but I changed my mind when they "float"/"fly" at different rates in addition to maneuver as no balloon would. Take a look.... Source:
  2. Unhypnotized

    'UK Mortgages to Soar and Interest Rates to Quadruple in a Year’

    'Interest rates are set to quadruple within a year, adding more than £100 a month to a typical mortgage, a senior Bank of England adviser has warned. Families should brace themselves for a rate rise as officials try to get to grips with soaring inflation, said Andrew Sentance, of the Bank’s...
  3. M

    Prescription Formula

    Should it be available by prescription only or keep it the way it has been ever since it came available to the masses? Basically, I what I mean is when breastfeeding didn't work, and a mom has tried everything in order to be successful at it, or had a medical or other reason for being...
  4. R

    Rates do not bode Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    Rates do not bode Tuesday, February 24, 2009 The glide down the stock markets this year have ended, is frightening. The rates in November 2008 seemed motivated by an irrational panic, writes Business Week. The difference with the situation now, four months later, is that the low rates...