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  1. Unhypnotized

    Red Elk Lessons: Invisibility

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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    Gilbert Erickson on C2C - Planet X what to expect

    Gilbert Erickson discusses what to expect with Planet X flyby, including how its dust will cause the sky to become red (this is native american prophecy- Red Elk and Grandfathe, Stalking Wolf have both seen this) increase in meteors, definitely happening all over the world, ( Canada and US had...
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    Red Elk Bible Code

    Red Elk discusses the Native understanding of 'all my relations' He shares how religions are wrong ...not only christian but all religions He shares the real love and discusses the bible and how to read the Bible ..
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    Star Nation Teachings - Wisdomkeepers

    Wallace Black Elk When he was "just a little guy" Black Elk began his work. In his biography Black Elk: The Sacred Ways of a Lakota, he claims that his birth and mission were predicted 19 generations ago. When he came "the old people were ready and waiting for me." At the age of five he...
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    Red Elk Teachings

    Red Elk's Vision Red Elk is an intertribal Medicine man and Heyoki elder, a member of the Twisited hair Society he fasted for 60 days and was given a vision which he shared with the world part one on coast to coast Inter-Tribal Medicine Man Red Elk touched on such topics as Bigfoot...