1. Truth Vibrations

    50 unethical medical experiments conducted by the United States

    1932-1972: 1913-1951: 1952-1972: 1908 1911 1906: 1941 1937-45: 1940s: 1946-1948 1950: Mid 1950s. 1950 1950: 1952: 1950s-1972: 1955, 1954-55: 1963-69: 1966: 1963: 1949 1953: 1950s: 1953, 1955-1960, 1960s: 1946-1947, 1945: 1946-50...
  2. D

    Ghosts Exists As Extraterrestrial Holograms

    Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin — Paranormal researchers discover the phenomenal creatures known as ‘paranormal ghosts’ are actually extraterrestrial holograms. Many researchers theorize paranormal ghosts were beings from another lifetime, or dimension, simply unaware of the dimension they haunt. Now...
  3. D

    DMT Banned To Block Extraterrestrial Communications

    Louisville, Kentucky — According to researchers in the truth-seeking community the government banned DMT, the illegal psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family, to prevent users from experiencing more than just “good times” and “mystical experiences”. Researchers found DMT with chemical...
  4. D

    DMT Banned To Block Extraterrestrial Communications
  5. 100th Monkey

    Virgin births claimed by 1 percent of U.S. moms: Study

    This has Alien abductions, written all over it! Link to source: Virgin births claimed by 1 percent of U.S. moms: Study - CBS News Link to the full study: Like a virgin (mother): analysis of data from a longitudinal, US population representative sample survey | BMJ
  6. Boiling Frog

    Scientists discover way to create lightsaber

    ...and just what do they plan to use it for? Source: Scientists discover way to create lightsaber - Yahoo!
  7. Truth Vibrations

    Beluga whale 'makes human-like sounds'

    This is amazing, click the link and listen to the audio of it! Audio here::
  8. 100th Monkey

    Quantum Researchers are Able to Stop and Restarta Beam of Light

    I found this fascinating! These researchers have stopped, then restart a beam of light.
  9. Denise

    32,000-Year-Old Plant Reborn From Ancient Fruit

    I found this fascinating! Researchers in Russia have revived a fertile plant from the remains of 32,000-year-old fruit that was found buried within the fossilized burrows of ancient squirrels deep in the Siberian ice. The resurrected plant, from an era of woolly mammoths and saber-tooth cats...
  10. Unhypnotized

    Economic slump linked with soaring suicide rates in Europe

    UK Daily Mail July 8, 2011 The financial crisis that swept Europe almost certainly led to an increase in suicides, according to health experts’ research. Researchers say that when the rate of unemployment rose, suicide rates immediately increased in nine of the ten countries they studied between...
  11. Lady of Light

    Alternative 3 - Mars Cover-up Exposed

    Recent whistle-blowers came forward and given restored credence towards the myth of "ALTERNATIVE-THREE," that planet Mars has been populated by researchers and act like a SURVIVAL COLONY when confronted with imminent catastrophic events which will decimate the populace of the world.
  12. C

    When does research become unethical?

    In the early 90's a groundbreaking prenatal surgery for the crippling disease spina bifida started to become popular. It did cause some problems such as premature deliveries so researchers wanted to test it against postnatal surgery. Collaborating with surgeons across the country, researchers...
  13. Unhypnotized

    The Bodhgaya Event : Eva Zemanova's detailed personal encounter

    A very unique report that is being placed within scientific, academic and disclosure circles. Uk and US governments have been given copies among many top researchers and establishments thus far.
  14. Unhypnotized

    Climate scientists plot to fight back at skeptics

    Stephen Dinan Washington Times March 5, 2010 Undaunted by a rash of scandals over the science underpinning climate change, top climate researchers are plotting to respond with what one scientist involved said needs to be “an outlandishly aggressively partisan approach” to gut the credibility...
  15. CASPER

    Armadillo-like crocodile roamed Brazil:

    RIO DE JANEIRO – Fossils found in Brazil are from a crocodile resembling a large armadillo that was a predator in the area around modern-day Sao Paulo state 90 million years ago, researchers said on Tuesday. The 6.6-foot-long (two-meter-long), 265-lb (120-kg) crocodile, named the...
  16. CASPER

    Researchers find fossils of new type of European camel

    Spanish researchers said Monday they have discovered evidence of a previously unknown type of camel which lived in Europe six million years ago. The team from the University of La Rioja found 191 fossilised footprints belonging to a group of between 10 and 15 individuals at a site in the...