1. Denise

    Boy Recovers From Autism By Removing Dairy & Gluten. Strong Evidence Links Vaccines to Autism

    I wonder does the MMR make the children sensitive to gluten and dairy? Source
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Lindsey Williams on Coast2Coast AM with George Noory May 21, 2012

    Here is a summary of what Lindsey Williams said:In the last hour, ordained Baptist minister Lindsey Williams shared his contention that the collapse of the dollar is being orchestrated. According to his "elite" sources, we should be on the lookout for signs that a collapse is imminent. These...
  3. Lady of Light

    Global Earthquakes, fastly on the rise!

  4. day

    Ancient Rome - The Rise of the Empire ROME

    Ancient Rome - The Rise of the Empire ROME, The Power and Glory For over a thousand years, Rome was the centre of the known world. One of the most glorious empires in history, she brought to her subjects a common language, shared culture, and for some wealth beyond imagination. Ancient Rome -...