1. Truth Vibrations

    Ancient Aliens - Beyond Nazca

    This is the latest episode of Ancient Aliens. With one of the largest deposits of nitrates in the world--a key ingredient in rocket fuel--could Nazca have been a possible mining site for ETs in the past?
  2. Unhypnotized

    SDO EVE Calibration Rocket Launched

    The SDO EVE calibration rocket flight today was very successful. We launched on time (11:50 MDT, 17:50 UT) and all the rocket and flight SDO quick-look data look excellent. Thanks for all those at WSMR, NASA, NSROC, and LASP for supporting this successful mission ! Congratulation to Tom...
  3. Unhypnotized

    SDO/EVE Calibration Rocket Planned for March 2, 2011

    White Sands Missile Range has notified the EVE team that their calibration rocket is now scheduled for launch between 11:10 and 11:40 am MT on March 2, 2011 (1810-1840 UT). More...
  4. Unhypnotized

    SDO/EVE calibration rocket scrubbed for today

    From the EVE team on status of the SDO/EVE underflight calibration rocket for today: "Winds aloft have been steady and have been in red condition since getting here. WSMR has scrubbed the launch for today. Backup dates being discussed (Friday Feb 25 and Wednesday Mar 2 seem to be candidates at...
  5. Unhypnotized

    SDO Calibration Rocket, February 23, 2011

    The next launch of our EVE calibration payload is on NASA sounding rocket 36.275 planned for February 23, 2011 from the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). This flight will provide the second underflight calibration for the SDO EUV Variability Experiment (EVE) instrument. The first calibration...

    Failed rocket launch threatens India's space ambitions

    The explosion of an Indian space rocket is likely to hit the country's efforts to push further into the global market for launching commercial satellites, experts warned Sunday. The unmanned Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) blew up live on television Saturday less than one minute...

    NASA buys additional space shuttle reusable solid rocket motors

    NASA has purchased two reusable solid rocket motors from ATK Launch Systems Inc. of Brigham City, Utah, to provide a "launch on need" rescue capability for the final planned space shuttle mission, targeted for September 2010. The reusable solid rocket motors are the propellant-loaded sections...