1. 100th Monkey

    Sandy Hook "Crisis Actors" needed for these upcoming false events to fool the public

    Here is where you sign up to be in the next Sandy Hook or high school shooting. There slogin is "Turning Ideas in to Reality"! IIF Data Solutions, Inc. > Core Competencies > Role Player Support Our organization Is comprised of top notch professionals who are committed to providing you with the...
  2. 100th Monkey

    Terry Nichols Wants To Reveal FBI Informant Role In The Oklahoma City Bombing

  3. New UFO Hunter

    Lisa Renee vids on 2011, the "controlling forces, ET invasion etc

    Lisa presents the perspective of the 'Guardian Races': the paradigm shift, transcending fear and 'Armageddon' programs propagated by and for the 'Controlling Forces/ET' agenda, the role of the Indigo and Starseeds and the critical task of our own connection to 'Spirit/God' source.