sea monsters

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    [Wow!] Makes the fake Shark in jaws look like a baby

    Sure would've hated to see one of these things when it was living and it ate creatures it's own size? Wonder what else they'll discover in time. Bus-Size Sea Monster Found, Took On Prey Its Own Size By Brian Handwerk
  2. Truth Vibrations

    'The most convincing Nessie photograph ever'

    'The most convincing Nessie photograph ever': Skipper claims to have finally found proof that Loch Ness Monster exists George Edwards has hunted Nessie for 26 years and holds tours of the Loch He even says image was verified by team of US military monster experts A Nessie sighting...
  3. White Rabbit

    New Nessie Pictures

    It's been said before and it's being said again .. Nessie is alive under the waves of Loch Ness. Once more the notoriously shy Loch Ness monster has been reportedly sighted in Scotland's deepest loch. This time close to a commercial fish farm. Jon Rowe, from nearby Lewiston in Drumnadrochit...
  4. G

    Why does NASA consistently cover up UFO evidence?

    With who are they working? It MUST be a world-wide collaboration. To borrow an answer form someone named " The Truth" who posted in another question.. Watch the documentary "The Missing NASA Transmissions" to see that NASA does hide information from us, the public - who fund them. Also the...
  5. Rumas

    Ogopogo is may be dead. (legendary sea monster)

    Mystery carcass may be legendary sea monster: expert By Carmen Chai, Vancouver Province - July 7, 2009 A mysterious looking body found along the shore of Okanagan Lake might be the remains of the legendary Ogopogo, an expert says. Dan Poppoff found the 1.2-metre-long carcass last month while...