Desert Shelters

    In an arid environment, consider the time, effort and material needed to make a shelter. If you have material such as a poncho, canvas or a parachute, use it along with such terrain features as rock outcroppings, mounds of sand or a depression between dunes or rocks to make your shelter. Using...

    Snow Shelters

    Tree-Pit Snow Shelter If you are in a cold, snow-covered area where evergreen trees grow and you have a digging tool, you can make a tree-pit shelter. To make this shelter — * Find a tree with bushy branches that provides overhead cover. * Dig out the snow around the tree trunk until...

    Finding Shelter

    When you are in a survival situation and realize that shelter is a high priority, start looking for shelter as soon as possible. As you do so, remember what you will need at the site. Two requisites are — * It must contain material to make the type of shelter you need. * It must be...

    How To Build Shelter

    How To Build Shelter A shelter can protect you from the sun, insects, wind, rain, snow, hot or cold temperatures and enemy observation. It can give you a feeling of well-being. It can help you maintain your will to survive. In some areas, your need for shelter may take precedence over your...

    What is Shelter

    Shelter is any thing that protects a person from his/her environment, including dangerous cold and heat and allow restful sleep, another human need. A shelter can range from a natural shelter; such as a cave or a fallen-down (cracked but not split) thickly-foliaged tree, to an intermediate form...