1. 2

    [Problem!] Still having some trouble

    I think in my friends mind being without those pills for a week and half, well its all in the head as they say (before that we had to cut them in half, to stretch them out, because we figured we'd have some trouble with the dr) it's somehwat problematic now. Before she wasn't getting enough...
  2. 2

    [Update!] My friends conniving dr. and her immediate health

    Well first of all if i've said anything to offend I do try not to do that anybody out there please accept my apologies, as I feel like I've may have lost some rapport out there. Maybe I'm just upset over the situation here. I'm trying to see how this happened again for a reason. So far no...
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    [Update!] how things are going

    Well Friday was rather an upsetting day. My friend was about to be discharged from the Home Health Care service provided by the hospital. Her Occupational was going to do the discharge when she took the vitals. (This person is very nice she's the one gave us some Borax for the roaches we got...
  4. Denise

    Humpback Rescued: Shows Some Gratitude

    A team of researchers received a magnificent "thank you" in the form of amazing jumps and dives from a whale they helped to rescue. The humpback whale became tangled in a nylon net in the Sea of Cortez off Baja, California. "When we first approached the whale, she was in horrible shape…The...

    [Opinion] How Many Lady Gagas Are There? 2? 3?

    I highly suspect that there is more than 1 Lady Gaga. Most people will just say she looks different because of hair and makeup and costumes, but there's more than that. She doesn't look at all the same in some of her videos. Why is this? You know what I think? I think she's got a double. The...
  6. M

    Need input for birthday gift/s ideas

    Update at the bottom of here: Need input for birthday gift/s ideas Its moms and its going to be in a couple of wks from now. Shes hitting another milestone birthday and in the baby boomer generation as well. At the same time shes an register nurse and cancer survivor as well. Have to say...