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    Real UFO caught on three different cameras over Achalm castle in Germany

    This is most likely a genuine sighting as three witnesses captured this on video, these UFO's always seems to be targeting ancient sites. Why? Source: Germany - UFO caught on three different cameras over Achalm castle | UTAOT
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    Vancouver UFO - Mass UFO Sighting In Canada During Baseball Game

    A plaine? a blimp? or a Vancouver UFO? Published on Sep 8, 2013 Published on Sep 6, 2013
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    Uncut video of Balloon or UFO splitting into 5 orbs June 2013

    An amazing daytime sighting of orbs that seem to split:
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    Best UFO Sighting for April 2013

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    Greatest UFO sighting In Australia - Proposed Playground?

    A UFO researcher believes that the mass UFO sighting happened in 1966 could lure more tourists to the place of the mysterious event. However, Richard Wilson is doubtful that a proposed playground with spaceship theme at the Clayton South park could help promote the site of the famous UFO...
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    UFO Sighting - aircraft footage

    What every it is its not very big:
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    UFO over DALLAS - Filmed from Plane - 03/21/2012

    Date of sighting: March 21, 2012 Location of sighting: Dallas, Texas, USA Eyewitness states: "It doesn't show the similar object, but this one must be flying in supersonic speed over the Dallas sky. I marked it in Slow Motion, please watch in High Definition! Maybe it's just an Airforce Plane...
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    Video of Stephenville UFO sighting 2010

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    UFO sighting over Brazil of orb that makes other orbs, Sept 12, 2011, UFO Sighting Ne

    Date of sighting: September 12, 2011 Location of sighting: Brazil Watch as this cloud orb creates more orbs. These orbs line up as they were made and stay in a formation. Their movement seems synchronized. This same event has recently been seen over Japan. Also note, if you enlarge the video...
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    Strange Red UFO Over Mountain In Philippines on Sep 14, 2011, UFO Sighting News

    Date of sighting: September 14, 2011 Location of sighting: Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines Odd shaped craft glowing over a mountain. This video has not been edited and it gets very interesting at the 3-7 minute marks. Filmed a long a mountain side
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    Blue UFO glowing over village in Turkey, Sept 4, 2011 TV News.

    Date of sighting: September 4, 2011 Location of sighting: Karsiyaka District of Izmir, Turkey This UFO sighting started at 10 pm and lasted for about ten minutes. This blue craft was not alone, it came with friends, about 5 or more other blue UFOs were seen that night in the sky
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    Milpitas, California UFO Disc in Daytime Sky, Sept 2011

    this is what the uploader says Date of sighting: September 2011 Location of sighting: Milpitas, California, USA Note: Watch the light reflection off of this grey object. It changes as the cars position taking the video and the UFOs positions change. This is indication that the video is legit...
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    UFO Sighting over Fresno, California of two glowing orbs, September 1, 2011

    Date of sighting: September 1, 2011 Location of sighting: Fresno, California, USA Strange glowing UFO was seen over Fresno last night. It would flash and change colors and occasionally you would see a smaller second object glowing near it
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    UFO Sighting in Mexico of disc craft on cloudy day, August 2011

    Date of sighting: August 2011 Location of sighting: Mexico This odd silent craft was seen by some American toursitst in Mexico recently. He described it as moving all around the sky, but making no noise.
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    CHILE TV NEWS: UFO Sighting over Santiago, Chile on August 30, 2011 flying over city

    Date of sighting: August 30, 2011 Location of sighting: Santiago, Chile Eyewitness states: "The real date is August 30, 2011. The sighting began at 21:10 and was seen by me and five friends. We also called a news reporter who came and witnessed it. At 22:00 we called the Air Force and the Air...
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    UFO Sighting n Cancun, Mexico of orb flying over ocean, August 27, 2011

    Date of sighting: August 27, 2011 Location of sighting: Cancun, Mexico This unusual orb was caught floating about over the ocean in Cancun. It moved around and seemed to touch the water a several points in the video. The UFO orb looks a lot like the water buoys that are on the surface of the...
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    TRIANGLE UFO Sighting over Orlando, Florida Amusement Park on August 2011

    Date of sighting: August 2011 Location of sighting: Orlando, Florida, USA Eyewitness states: "While filming during my vacation, I noticed this strange thing that I thought was a plane while filming. After viewing this at home, I have doubts. Is this a stealth or something else?" Original...
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    UFO Sighting over Tarragona, Spain of 3 orbs during sunset, August 18, 2011, VIDEO.

    Date of sighting: August 18, 2011 Location of sighting: Tarragona, Spain
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    UFO Sighting of fleet of glowing orbs over Chicago, Illinois on August 22, 2011.

    Date of sighting: August 22, 2011 Location of sighting: Chicago, Illinois, USA Check out this clip carefully and you'll notice among the radiant orbs appears to blow up several occasions with light. Could it be creating more compact orbs or perhaps it interacting with humankind so that they can...
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    UFO Sighting Caught on BBC News Live Broadcast, Aug 16, 2011 video.

    Date of sighting: August 16, 2011 Location of sighting: London, England Dedicated viewers of Channel 4 News pointed out that a potential UFO was seen behind MP Tom Watson's head during an interview. What do you think it is All 9 seconds of it wow Source: