1. 100th Monkey

    RedIce interview with Harry Cooper - Hitler in Argentina

    Great interview, but I already knew this a Coast to Coast years ago:
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Project camelot: A conversation with michael schratt & ufo sightings

    Published on 23 May 2013
  3. New UFO Hunter

    10,000 Pages of Australian UFO Document

  4. longhorn

    I consider this to be one of the best authenticated UFO sightings.

    Mile High mystery: UFO sightings in sky over Denverr Strange objects caught on camera flying over the city and nobody can explain it. We first learned about these sightings when a metro area man, who does not...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    OZ Encounters - UFO's In Australia resurfaces again

    This is an older documentary:
  6. New UFO Hunter

    Best UFO Sightings March 2013

  7. Truth Vibrations

    Canadian government no longer investigating UFOs

    More soft disclosure? What do you think? More:
  8. New UFO Hunter

    Best UFO Sightings For February 2013

  9. New UFO Hunter

    Stunning UFO Sightings 2013.

  10. Truth Vibrations

    Daily Telegraph UK article on UFOs - Ministry of Defence ending investigations

    The Ministry of Defence will no longer investigate UFO sightings after ruling there is “no evidence” they pose a threat to the UK despite a senior aviation official admitting the country is visited by one unidentified flying object a month. Jane Randall from Woking, Surrey, captured a strange...
  11. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Sightings, Clemsford, England, 2012

    This one is really sparkly, kinda pretty.
  12. Truth Vibrations

    Five Good Reasons To Believe in UFOs

    The long, documented history of sightings. UFOs were around, in fact, long before humans themselves took to the air. The first account of a UFO sighting in America was back in 1639, when Massachusetts colony governor John Winthrop noted in his journal that one James Everell, “a sober...
  13. New UFO Hunter

    Antarctica - Nibiru - NEW Moon Sightings

    This is extremely bizarre. Initial sightings?
  14. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Filmed at Groom Lake (area51)

  15. New UFO Hunter

    Awesome UFO sightings must see

    Could they be HERE? This video has some interesting sightings of UFO’S. They are sightings and strange phenomenon that's been happening around the globe, with recent pictures of sightings this year! This Really Is great!!!
  16. New UFO Hunter

    March 2nd Sighting - Vancouver WA

    One of the best sightings: March 2, 2011 Vancouver, WA
  17. New UFO Hunter

    A countdown of the top 10 most famous UFO sightings. (Video)

    This is a independently produced documentary from 2007 of the top 10 UFO sightings. Video location is here:
  18. Aragorn

    Sightings - The UFO Report

    Awesome Special Edition Video From The Show Sightings