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    Should view. LA sinkhole

    Seems the sinkhole in Louisanna Assumption Parish is still growing and now leaking and now spreading in Southeast Lousianna. Still have yet to hear anything about this in MSM. Well this certainly can't be a good...
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    [Update!] The infamous sinkhole of Louisianna is back in the news again on the internet

    Nightmare: Tremors Increasing At Massive 13-Acre Louisiana sinkhole! Liquid moving on surface Elevated seismic activity Out of Control | Environment worrisome news about the sinkkhole in Louisianna. Wonder how much longer the lamestream media can hide it? Seems like Youtube has changed the...
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    [Update!] Sinkhole: “Mother Of All Bubbles” Appears As Super Bowl Preparation Begins In Nearby New Orleans

    I wonder if the MSM will be able not to report on this new problem as they've continuously ignored the Assumption Parrish sinkhole. I'm surprised they just don't report it and trot out some hack scientist to tell us there's nothing to be concerned about, as they do when they talk about the...
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    [Wow!] Assumtion Parrish Louisianna Sinkhole another part of it collapses

    What's up with these sinkholes, I wonder. Apparantley the one in Assumption Parrish Louisianna is still growing. Now they can't all be caused by the same thing, can they? Sure makes one wonder though doesn't it. You all out there that's good at connecting dot's let me know what you think...
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    [Update!] Breaking News: Louisiana sinkhole alarms reported, seismic activity spikes

    Well as par for the course, nothing as far as I know was mentioned about Assumption Parrish in the MSM during Hurricane Isaac. To that matter til this day I've not heard about the sinkhole at all, were it not for the internet wouldn't know a thing about it. Of course I know that not everything...
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    [Attention] Isaac 50 miles from sinkhole, trees down, people stranded on rooftops

    well, of course haven't heard, I've been peaking in off and on about Assumption Parrish. They have never admitted to the sinkhole situation to my knowledge to begin with. I have incase you haven't noticed, a tendancy to be something of a newshound. Anybody else heard anything about the...