1. Denise

    Swine Flu Shot Linked to Sleep Disorder in Kids

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    The babies smelled like mixed-up milk and cotton dragged through a little wax, but not like sugar or any amount of caramel. Smelled like salty pee and skin swabbed slick and the years forthcoming lit up by lemons. Smelled like not-death—like the earliest of the early yield—like kale and...

    The Sleep Division

    Apparently, no one has ever seen it. The rumor persists, however, that there is a section called the Sleep Division, nowhere to be found on the organizational chart, which pulls the strings in our company. Eyelids Sagging down over the eyes Eyelids. Afternoon in a haze. Thanks to the Sleep...
  4. Unhypnotized

    Two Percent Of People Are Superhumans Who Don’t Need More Than A Few Hours Of Sleep

    Gus Lubin Business Insider April 5, 2011 The WSJ’s Melinda Beck identified a new elite group, which may induce even more envy than billionaires or aristocrats:*The Sleepless Elite. These are the 1% to 3% of the population who live happily on just a few hours of sleep per night. During the...

    How to Sleep

    Let your mountainous forehead with its veins of bright ore ease down, the deep line between your brows flatten, unruffle the small muscles below your temples, above your jaws, let the grimace muscles in your cheekbones go, the weeping muscles sealing your eyes. Die into the pillow, calm in the...

    The Mechanics of Dreaming

    While you are dreaming, your body undergoes noticeable changes. Your adrenaline rises, your blood pressure increases, and you heart beats faster. Given this hyperactivity, it should be no surprise how someone with a weak heart can die in their sleep. Their heart may not be able to withstand the...