1. Denise

    Remember by Charlotte Smith, aged 13

    This is a poem written by Charlotte Smith, aged 13! She must be in to David Icke! by Charlotte Smith, aged 13 Remember who you are, Your real self isn't far, Remember what you forgot, You need to follow the dot to dot We've been kept in a cage, Fed greed, anger and rage, Taught how to want...
  2. White Rabbit

    Is it Possible to Live with Total Lucidity? J. Krishnamurti & Dr. Huston Smith

    This can be conisdered a great discourse that covers the question of if the human mind can be free from fear. The discussion covers, the health of mankinds psychologically, but keep in mind the word isn't the one thing. It's an informative debate that is really worth viewing. It took place at...
  3. Unhypnotized

    Veritas Show - Dr. Angela Thompson Smith - 1 of 5 - Remote Viewing

    "S y n o p s i s It's easy to be wowed by Remote Perceptions author and remote viewing expert Dr. Angela Thompson Smith's credentials. A former registered nurse and social worker, she holds a doctorate degree in psychology and a wealth of research and management experience. Dedicated to the...
  4. R

    Yes we can by Winston Smith(Video)

    Yes we can by Winston Smith :hypo::hypo::tragedy::tragedy::protest::protest::insane::insane: