1. Truth Vibrations

    Friday marks the statute of limitations on the silver market manipulations investigation

    This appears to be the final opportunity for any charges with this investigation that has examined more than one hundred thousand documents, and questioned numerous witnesses will finish this Week. CFTC Statement Regarding Enforcement Investigation of the Silver Markets
  2. 100th Monkey

    Proposal For United Nations To Sponsor A UFO World Conference

    Steven Bassett is not wasting any time moving the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure forward. He is raising the issue to the UN in order to continue the Disclosure movement.
  3. Denise

    (Almost) 'Everything is a Lie' - TheTrutherGirls Perspectives

    How our world really simple in one simple statement: '(Almost) 'Everything is a Lie'

    Ambiguous Statement Alluding Tangentially to the Conceit

    Catchy but deliberately ambiguous. Self-effacing, coy, funny, funny, funny: poignant. Funny. Poignant, poignancy implying a general statement about the world and the way humans behave toward one another. General statement about the world. Slight redaction of that statement through irony, serving...