1. 100th Monkey

    Eywa has had enough!

    Eywa (the living entity taking care of Pandora's nature in the Avatar movie) seems to have woken up within Russia: Russian angry birds: Crows 'attack' MPs cars with stones October 22, 2012 18:57

    Ruins in Sunlight

    Up the side of the hill The house is a lace of stones A few grown over with earth And a few smooth And ridged, as molars What was yard, sunlight now, An expanse of grass— And the stones Forming the past house Are worse than a map: Allocation of rooms, Divisions, architecture— Nothing, it...
  3. day

    Unusual Spiral Action causes Star Hailstones ?

    David B. Fankhauser, Ph.D. Professor of Biology and Chemistry University of Cincinnati Clermont College Batavia OH 45103 HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN THESE HAILSTONES: I collected these hail stones following a hailstorm on 6 April 2001 in SW Ohio. I am calling them "star hail stones." I have been...