1. Denise

    Monsanto Surrenders: Ends All GMO Lobbying In Europe

    We just need a few million people to march in the streets and our government leaders will stop succumbing to all the bribes too. June 3, 2013 More:
  2. 2

    [Attention] What may happen after your guns are gone

    [URL="after-gun-control-a-chilling-historical-perspective-share-2474718"[/URL] Let me preface by saying neither I nor my friend owns a gun, but we're not against the legal owning of a gun. Even we know what it means to take away everybodies gun, the hoodlums will have won as, they know they...
  3. Unhypnotized

    Haiti earthquake: 10,000 US soldiers due as violence on the streets intensifies

    London Telegraph Monday, January 18th, 2010 Around 10,000 US soldiers are due to arrive in Haiti to restore order to the streets as desperate earthquake survivors resort to looting and violence while aid struggles to reach them. Chaos and fear reigned on the streets of the capital...

    January in Paris

    That winter I had nothing to do but tend the kettle in my shuttered room on the top floor of a pensione near a cemetery, but I would sometimes descend the stairs, unlock my bicycle, and pedal along the cold city streets often turning from a wide boulevard down a narrow side street bearing the...