1. Truth Vibrations

    Bob Lazar's Element 115 added to Periodic Table

    More signs of change for the good. More: New Element 115, Ununpentium, May Join Periodic Table From Wikipedia:
  2. 100th Monkey

    [Must Watch!] Crime Stats, Piers Morgan & MSM Won't Discuss 2013 Gun Control Debate!

    I absoultly love how this guy states his information, please watch! Sources: FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 1: FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 16: FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 8...

    The Green Pinecone

    There it sits, squat and upright, green fractals like prickly flames, compressed, solid, steaming. Alarming pinecone limp from the cooking and resting, seasoned, on a blue china plate. The world, the fruit, the artichoke, unknown to me, as I sit at his parents' table in growing alarm. What...

    Past the Cemetery

    It's nice here on the shady side of the street. Our small, outdoor table Faces a building Golden with late afternoon sunlight Under a cloudless summer sky. Together with daily horrors, Life doles out these small pleasures: A platter of raw oysters on ice, A ripe lemon sliced in half, And a...


    (Masa da Masaymis Ha) A man filled with the gladness of living Put his keys on the table, Put flowers in a copper bowl there. He put his eggs and milk on the table. He put there the light that came in through the window, Sound of a bicycle, sound of a spinning wheel. The softness of bread and...


    Once, two spoons in bed, now tined forks across a granite table and the knives they have hired.

    I Consider My Mother's Mind

    Stars of the Great and Small Bears, lost in a cobalt padlock above Detroit, the orient coruscations of car factories, skating ponds, six-lane highways, now lumbering across decades into my childhood suburb, that rimed ruin— picnic table, dispirited shucks and obeisant leeks of our winter garden...

    California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New York, Hawaii

    The roses were lost on the top of the little table. All familiar to this swore the flowers were there somewhere, With their stems, leaves, and thorns. It seems like an impossible hiding place to me, My last choice if I were the roses or the person Who hid the roses. There are people who are...