1. Denise

    Amazing - 2 Suns Appeared In Taiwan

    The Taiwanese news says 2 suns amazingly made an appearance on the horizon. The look was taken with a fisherman's cell phone, nevertheless it was obvious enough. People in Taiwan were feared the finish around the globe is originating or doomsday is near. Nevertheless the government advised the...

    [Breaking news!] Taiwan's unusually public missile test fizzles

    24 mins ago JIUPENG, Taiwan – If Taiwan's unusually public test-firing of 19 missiles Tuesday was intended as a statement following China's successful trial of a new stealth aircraft, the message came out a bit garbled. Taiwan's president was on hand as almost a third of the missiles missed...
  3. R

    Taiwan UFO 2009(Video)

    Taiwan UFO 2009 Thursday, November 12, 2009 Source: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  4. R

    US won’t sell jets to Taiwan as they fear China

    US won’t sell jets to Taiwan as they fear China Global Research, March 12, 2009 Russia Today - 2009-03-10 The US has decided not to sell its F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan because they fear upsetting China, said Taiwan's parliament speaker Wang Jin-Pyng, in an interview with news agency...