1. 100th Monkey

    Alien UFOs exist, and this is why our government won't disclose them

    This is a good read: By Inelia Benz: Source:
  2. White Rabbit

    Scientists Report Teleportation of Physical Objects From One Location To Another

    This is an report regarding how simple atoms have been teleported via quantum entanglement, as well as how whole physical objects have already been teleported by psychics in China. - Eric Davis, Ph.D, FBIS Source: Scientists Report Teleportation of Physical Objects From One Location To Another...
  3. Denise

    Andrew Basiago - Free Your Mind Conference 2011

    "Basiago confirms that the United States has been teleporting individuals to Mars for decades and recounts the awe-inspiring and terrifying trips that he took to Mars in 1981. He describes how he and his father (an engineer working on time/space research projects for the U.S. defense...
  4. maggador

    I'm a freemason, rosicrucian, martinist and member of other orders. Ask me questions.

    Since I can't link to my own introduction thread, I will copy what I wrote about myself there and post here (says I got too few posts to post links): Hello all good to be aboard! To let you all get to know me better, I'll give you my background information so you know where I stand and where...
  5. maggador

    Hello, I'm Edward Alexander, occultist, mystic, life-long member of secret orders etc

    Hello all good to be aboard! To let you all get to know me better, I'll give you my background information so you know where I stand and where you got me! Last things first. For my current life, I came to this world on a January 13th, in 1981. Born in Norway, raised by parents partially...
  6. Lady of Light

    The Pyramids, The Face On Mars (Cydonia), The Sphinx, and Stonehenge - Lady of Light - January 11, 2012

    Channeled by: Lady of Light January 11th, 2012 The Pyramids (Primarily Egypt) There are more pyramids. They are not what they appear to be. They are of a much greater design. They are all connected. They are a network, a very large network. The pyramids on mars are another...
  7. Denise

    Sheldan Nidle ~ Galactic Federation Fleets ~ First Contact Repost ~ November 25, 2011

    Although this is a repost from earlier days, I thought it was of special interest. Personally, I had never heard of Sheldan Nidle or the Galactic Federation of Light when it was first posted in 2002. (My experience with the Galactic Federation of Light began in 2009), so this information was...
  8. New UFO Hunter

    Barack Obama traveled to Mars

    This is interesting but is it true? By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd Two former participants in the CIA’s Mars visitation program of the early 1980’s have confirmed that U.S. President Barack H. Obama was enrolled in their Mars training class in 1980 and was among the young Americans...
  9. Denise

    Archangel Anael ~ MayDay ~ May 1, 2011

    I am Archangel Anael. Beloved Children of the Light and beloved Starseeds, I bring My peace and love to you now. We will work together to develop what it means to die to self and to be reborn in Christ. You are now living in the dawn of the final day. The Day that I speak of is not a...
  10. Unhypnotized

    Andrew Basiago - Universal Truth Evolution Radio - 21 Feb 2011 Andy is an emerging figure in the Truth Movement leading a campaign to lobby the US government to disclose such controversial truths as the fact that Mars harbors life and that the US has achieved "quantum access" to past and future events. He has been identified...
  11. Unhypnotized

    'Teleportation' Is Year's Biggest Breakthrough

    Beam Me Up: 'Teleportation' Is Year's Biggest Breakthrough Thanks to physics, and the truly bizarre quirks of quarks, those Star Trek style teleporters may be more than fiction. A strange discovery by quantum physicists at the University of California Santa Barbara means that an object you...
  12. Unhypnotized

    Quantum time machine 'allows paradox-free time travel'

    Quantum physicists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believe it is possible to create a time machine which could affect the past without creating a "grandfather paradox" Scientists have for some years been able to 'teleport' quantum states from one place to another. Now Seth Lloyd...
  13. Unhypnotized

    Researchers Achieve Quantum Teleportation Over 10 Miles of Empty Space

    'Scientists in China have broken the record for quantum teleportation, achieving a distance of about 10 miles, according to a new study in Nature Photonics. That's a giant leap from previous achievements. The feat brings us closer to communicating information without needing a traditional...
  14. Lady of Light

    Evacuation...what to do...Message from the Ashtar Command

    PHASE I PHASE I of the Great Exodus of souls from the planet will take place at a moment's notice when it is determined that the inhabitants are in danger. The very second the great computers show that needle has gone across a certain point, every satellite and participating craft, already in...
  15. Unhypnotized

    MICHIO KAKU ~ Invisibility & Teleportation

    Invisibility & Teleportation Possible! Michio Kaku Explains From: MoxNewsDotCom | March 19, 2010 MSNBC VIDEO (4:24): The Physics of the Impossible By: Michio Kaku Coast to Coast AM 1/29/2010 ART BELL A Conversation...
  16. Unhypnotized

    Time Travel and Teleportation: Dr. Bruce Goldberg C2C 11/24/2009

    Time Travel and Teleportation: Dr. Bruce Goldberg VIDEO Part 1 of 11 (9:49): Use the link below to see the diagrams Dr. Goldberg refers to during this fascinating interview. Hypnosis expert Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed...
  17. Unhypnotized

    A conversation with Andrew Basiago

    A Conversation with Andrew D. Basiago about the Hidden History of His Discovery of Life on Mars. In this fascinating, six-hour interview, American lawyer Andrew D. Basiago discusses teleportation among other things.
  18. R

    The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment (video-ENG)

    The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment (video-ENG) Sunday, April 5, 2009 The Philadelphia experiment is an alleged American naval experiment in the marinehaven of Philadelphia from 1943 to (radar) invisibility of a naval vessel to achieve by manipulating magnetic fields. There were...
  19. R

    Learn how to have lucid dreams

    What is Lucid Dreaming? It is an altered state of awareness that occurs when you realize you are dreaming. This enables you to consciously control your dreams. In normal dreams, your self-awareness is shut down. That’s why they are hazy and don’t make much sense. But by practicing certain...