1. Atehequa

    Frogs Pond

    Over 35 years ago we would sometimes camp and swim at a place the locals called Frogs Pond, probably for all the frogs that lived there. Having no parking area, the only way we could get there was to be dropped off with our gear and supplies in front of an old mostly overgrown dirt road which...

    Depression Glass

    It must have been October, right after the annual hanging of the winter drapes and the ceremonial unrolling of the rug from its summer sleep behind the sofa. Gone were the slipcovers, leaving the upholstery stripped down to warm arms again, and the little living room transformed into a mother...
  3. day

    suggestion for science forum

    Lady of Light and Rumas This is a suggestion to add another category in the science, health, history forum called 'Earth' with subcategories under Earth- geology inner earth or hollow earth unusual changes indigenous knowledge what do you think? Id like to post to these categories...