1. Boiling Frog

    The JFK Assassination as a Turning Point

    John B Wells interviews Prof. James Fetzer / Ep.50

    At the Beach This Morning

    There we were, Penelope, my Border Collie mix, and I, one godless the other faithful, observing the fiery orange at the left side of the horizon, no bigger than my thumb, say, shy in profile, exhausting another of its ration of daybreaks, while off to the far right the ghostly white spider moon...
  3. funbunz29

    Chrysler Finds It Can Be Profitable Selling Fewer Cars

    Unlike its domestic rivals, Chrysler Group isn't expected to report a profit for 2010. But the smallest of the Detroit Three has made substantial strides in turning around its business,


    My feelings just took a turn for the better While thinking of white flowers turning into strawberries, Of clover turning into bees, of crowds of wisteria Swelling and swelling. People often think I have a friendly dog, but it is just me: My wide arm-span for folding tablecloths, my feet that...