1. D

    Vietnam, Afghanistan Invaded To Supply Drug Trade

    K.I. Sawyer, Michigan — The link between drugs like heroin and terrorism has been long known and well established among most conspiracy theorist circles. And investigators have uncovered connections suggesting America invaded Vietnam and Afghanistan for the sole purpose of supplying an...
  2. O

    [Awesome!] Introduce of Orgonite VietNam

    Dear Friend We are Orgonite Vietnam - We represent a group called Lightworkers Viet Nam. After a great deal of research and development for spiritual support and protection devices, we have built the most powerful Orgonite devices. Why do we sell it? 1. - Because we want to...
  3. Truth Vibrations

    Vietnam internet restrictions come into effect

    I am glad I do not live there, let hope we can stop this from happening anywhere else! Source: BBC News - Vietnam internet restrictions come into effect
  4. Lady of Light

    Jimmy Cliff at Glastonbury 2011 singing We Don't Want Another Vietnam in Afghanistan

    Stop the war sang Jimmy Cliff at Glastonbury 2011, changing the title of his 1960s anti-war hit Vietnam to Afghanistan. Bob Dylan called Vietnam the best protest song he ever heard. Jimmy Cliff's many hits include Wild World, You Can Get It If You Really Want It, I Can See Clearly Now, Wonderful...