Whereof the Gift Is Small

    And short the season, first rubythroat in the fading lilacs, alyssum in bloom, a honeybee bumbling in the bleeding heart on my gelding’s grave while beetles swarm him underground. Wet feet, wet cuffs, little flecks of buttercup on my sneaker toes, bluets, violets crowding out the tufts of rich...
  2. Unhypnotized

    sacred-texts.com - A website to visit on a cold, wet, afternoon.

    A website to visit on a cold, wet, afternoon. I came across this website just this morning and find it hard to keep away. It contains so many interesting tales and the data available is just mind blowing. :shocked: http://www.sacred-texts.com/

    Rain on a Spring Night

    Congratulations, rain you know when to fall and you know quite well you belong to spring coming at night, quiet walking in the wind making sure things get good and wet the clouds hang dark over country roads, there's one light from a boat coming downriver in the red morning everything's...