1. Lady of Light

    Left Wing VS Right Wing - They Are Part of The Same Entity - Lady of Light

    "Left wing and right wing, does it really matter? They are both part of the same entity. If they are truly fighting or are at odds and cannot work together, the bird cannot fly." - Lady of Light This one speaks more about our political system. It's always the left wingers against the right...

    The Vacationers

    think it's cute, it's sex, it's the same dance we've all been dancing all week, two white gulls whirring like a broken rotor down to the grassy sand between the boardwalk and SNAK SHAK (can you see us now?): they...

    Father's Day Race

    The boat had no hull. It was a wing fired in porcelain, glass and steel skimming the waves and our girl gone with you to let out the mainsail. The win was what mattered, speed and style. The boat had no hull, just a wing so that waves slipped past like Teflon, your mast tall and great sail...
  4. R

    NASA - The X-48B Blended Wing Body

    March 17th, 2009 in Breaking News, Technology Source: Free Press International NASA - The X-48B Blended Wing Body. The airplane is the X-48B, an advanced concept, fuel-efficient blended wing body or BWB. It’s called a blended wing body because it looks more like a modified triangular-shaped...