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    Farrakhan irks the Jewish groups, Again!

    On February 28, Anti-Christ Abraham Foxman has called the leader of Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day speech, “anti-Semitic diatribe”. The paranoid Jew says that Farrakhan claim that Jews control US government, media, finance and entertainment is nothing but show his...
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    Healing the Family Tree

    Healing the Family Tree The Family Tree is recognized mostly as a genealogy report of ancestors in a family blood line. It shows who is is related to whom way back as many generations as one can document. It is quite difficult to obtain proof of blood relationship with certainty all suspected...
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    An African Holy Man Speaks Out: the Testimony of Samuel Kanco

    An African speaks out about spiritual realities both good and bad-- he relays the truth about his generational line and what being a witchdoctor a term he uses meant-- he describes the demons and the underwater city and how real this is and more....in a book that God asked him to write to tell...