1. 2

    Just a correction in wording

    It bothers me sometime I insert the wrong word in place of the right word in making a statement. I was refering to my friend who is as close to me mother as I can get, in a different post. When I mistakenly said she earned (no by helping me out in all these years she didn't earn,but she gained...
  2. White Rabbit

    Religiō Religion = Bondage

    Religion Versus Religion. Denomination Versus Denomination. All of them created to hold the masses in bondage and battling a hidden adversary. Webster's Dictionary records the word religion as being from a Latin word Religiō that means "taboo, restraint." If one looks further they will uncover...
  3. 100th Monkey

    Voluntary enslavement a legally invalid concept

  4. Truth Vibrations

    The Ant People: Hopi For Annunaki? The Anthills of Orion: Ancient Star Beings of the Hopi

    All across the American Southwest we find petroglyphs (rock carvings) or pictographs (rock paintings) depicting entities with spindly bodies, large eyes, and bulbous heads that sometimes project antennae. These eerie figures are frequently shown in a “prayer stance,” their elbows and knees...
  5. ascendingson

    Thank you my family, blessings to you all

    As we may have all come to know, it is not by random chance we meet. I am here to listen as learn, I look forward to exchanging the word with all who Love the path that sets Us free.
  6. Denise

    Mike Adams interviews Masaru Emoto

    Here is an interview with Masaru Emoto, he is the guy who showed what happens when you label water with a good or a bad word and then freeze it. the results depends on the words used.
  7. Boiling Frog

    16,022 Ron Paul Votes Stolen by Voting Machines...Watch Diebold Maching in ACTION!

    Just to spread the word i am posting this:
  8. 100th Monkey

    Occupy My Tear Gas You Will EXPOSED! Get the word out. These are staged !

  9. New UFO Hunter

    Sunday Night Football UFO 10/23/11

    Uploader says
  10. R

    Hi Everyone, Thought I'd Spread The word

    Just thought I'd say Hello and help spread the word....
  11. CASPER

    Survival Tips

    his guide, taken from the U.S. Army Survival Manual, is based entirely on the keyword "SURVIVAL." The letters in this word can help you in your actions in any survival situation. Whenever faced with a survival situation, remember the word "SURVIVAL." SURVIVAL ACTIONS The following sections...