PROOF of how Prescott Bush financed and supplied Hitler's rise to power and how George Herbert Walker Bush financed and supplied Osama bin Laden's rise to power.

The War on Terror isn't the first war the Psychopathic Bush Clan have engineered and financially profited from. Recently de-classified USGOV documents show that Bush family assets (A Bank,Manufacturing and Shipping companies) were confiscated by the US government in October,1942, 10 months AFTER Pearl Harbor under our "Trading with the Enemy Act."

Years later all of those assets were returned to Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker, in addition,the portion owned by nazi architect Fritz Thyssen was handed over to Bush as well.

Those businesses and assets were all accumulated by financing and supplying Hitler's NAZIS from 1927 up to Oct.1942 as well as from using concentration camp slave labor in the Bush/Walker/Harriman European subsidiaries.
Those assets formed the entirety of the Bush fortune in 1952.

Two leaders of the European Holocaust Survivors community ,Kurt Julius Goldstein, 91, and Peter Gingold, 89, are suing the Bush family right now.