Life's Mystery Part 2


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About five years after I graduated from college I met someone who became a client of mine. We met twice a week for about three months and then he asked me if I would be able to come to his office. His office was located in a newly developed corporate park at the very edge of Los Angeles County. The time was around 3pm, yet the parking lots were empty, every parking stall was marked "reserved" and I finally found the guest parking in a subterranean structure. He didn't specify a building location, so I called him and a few minutes later he came to meet me. That was when the entire situation turned strange because he asked me "Why do you hate Him so much?"

It made me angry and I responded with a harsh violence that I had not expected. I threw vicious words at him that seemed to come from nowhere, and then my voice of reason whispered "Which "him" is he referring to?"

I stopped, caught my breath and all he said was "He wants your forgiveness." I can't remember what else he said, but after a couple more words, he paid me for my time, got out of my car and I never saw him again.

When I drove out of the parking structure, the business park I had driven into was a construction site. The concrete sidewalks had just been put in and they still had red marker-flags around them. The buildings looked empty and the parking stalls that were marked "reserved" hadn't been painted yet and none of the landscaping had been started.

Even now, I have a hard time saying whether or not those events occurred the way I believed they occurred. Nonetheless, it triggered a memory which I struggled with for five more years before I was finally able to forgive "HIM" ... forgive him for the events that must be real because those events gave at least one Buddhist Lama a reason to "believe I was one of the first, if not Thee First."